US Amateur East Team Championships 2016

Every year when the whole world is busy exchanging red roses around 1500 chess players gather in Parsippany, New Jersey to play some chess! That’s right, that’s how we chess players celebrate valentine’s day, by showing our love for the game!

The Amateur East Team Championship has been a long running tradition for several chess players in North America. Even though the prizes are just digital clocks and plaques, this tournament usually sports more than a dozen Grandmasters every year. We love playing in this tournament for one simple reason, it is just fun! Most players who play here share this common feeling of a fun filled stressed out 3 days of nonstop chess!

The first fun fact about the tournament is that the average rating of any team cannot exceed 2200. This rule throws the field wide open and gives plenty of teams a chance to fight for the top honors. Teams with 2 GM’s and weaker lower boards or teams that are evenly spread out with 2200 rated players in all boards are very common. The fun begins weeks before the event in forming teams and working on strategies to create that magical winning combination of players!

This year Chess Kings and Queens Academy fielded 17 teams! Almost doubling our last year’s tally of 10 teams. The top team ‘CKQ Sicarios’ inspired by the ‘Beast’ sound track from the movie Sicario had an average rating of 2199.75, the maximum rating any team can achieve! We also had 3 future (under 10 years old) teams and 3 mixed doubles teams. We had a fun filled memorable weekend overall. Several of our team members were playing the event for the first time and the kids were totally awed by their new experience. Everyone was excited at a prospect of playing against much higher rated and sometimes even much older opponents.

This year, ‘Summer Chess Academy for Team of Talented Youth I’ scored 5.5 points out of 6 rounds and took the top honors on tie breaks. Our team ‘CKQ Lethal Weapons’ team lead by coach Anuprita Patil won the first prize for the best mixed doubles for the second year in a row


It was not an easy task, here you can see the Lethal Weapons getting ready to battle the Cardboard Kings


Coach Robert using his orange coolers intimidation technique!

Our star Under 10 team “CKQ Four Amigos’ won the best future team prize and team ‘CKQ Fischer’s Army’ won the best under 1300 team prize


Aadi Hari all excited before the game in front of CKQ Four Amigos


As Abhimanyu Mishra is getting started with his game, Edward Zheng is all pumped as he is almost ready to checkmate his opponent. Both players are from team CKQ Gru’s Army

Other than this two of our team players won special prizes for creating the biggest upsets. Sarah Yan rated 795 beat a 1499 and in Round 1


Here you can see team CKQ Kramnikers in action

Vivek Srinivas rated 1838 beat a 2213 to win the best upset for those rounds respectively


Vivek Srinivas made a mockery of ratings as he consistently defeated players rated over 200 points above him

A special mention goes to one of our coaches John Lekocevic who gained a whopping 150 rating points over the weekend


Coach John Lekocevic in a jubilant mood in our team room


A panoramic view of the main tournament hall


We managed to gather our teams partially for a group picture right before the last round

It was a wonderful event with plenty of fond memories as always. We would like to congratulate all the players who played in the event and wish you the very best!

We will be posting plenty some of actual games and positions from the tournament. To be continued…

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