Fabiano Caruana Simul at LSC

Fabiano Caruana is an Italian/American Super Grandmaster. He is an amazing chess talent and considered by many as a potential world champion and one of the main rivals to Magnus Carlsen. Caruana recently moved back to US from Italy boosting the already strong US Chess team with the likes of Hikaru Nakamura and Wesley So.

It was recently announced that Caruana will be an ambassador for Liberty Science Center (LSC) in New Jersey. In an effort to promote their ties with the Super GM, LSC organized a special simultaneous exhibition on Nov 9th, 2015. Caruana was set to play against 24 players at the same time. The participants included a few hand picked talented young kids in the Tri-state area and some avid chess enthusiasts.

We are very proud to share that 6 of our students from Kings and Queens Academy were selected to participate in this event. We would like to congratulate all of them in putting their best effort against one of the best in the world. Though Caruana cleaned up by winning all his games, our students fought very well.

Here are some pictures and some games from our students



Jonathan Chin played a very solid game and made Caruana work hard for the win. Jonathan also won the ‘Best Game’ award for the event.



Here is Jonathan’s game from the event, Caruana played a very instructive Opposite Colored Bishop Endgame in this game


Angelica Chin also played an excellent game keeping her chances equal for most part of the game. She eventually gave in to a lot of pressure from Caruana in the center.


Abhimanyu Mishra was one of the youngest at the event, but by no means was he an easy target for Caruana. In fact Abhimanyu won an award for his ‘Fighting Spirit’


The CEO of Liberty Science Center tweeted this during the event


Here are a couple of pictures with Super GM Fabiano Caruana with some Super GM’s in the making!


Taran and Roshan Idnani


Aayush Ajith


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